Why switch to our advanced service?

Telephone announcement services remain an inexpensive way to reach thousands of people. Now you can pay even less for a service we manage for you that provides everything your current service provides, has more features, more reliability, greater accuracy, and less hassle. Our hundreds of customer sites are monitored continuously for operation and accurate data. No other company monitors your service like we will.

Most or all of the below comparisons will apply to your service:

With NetVoice . . .

With your service . . .

Holiday, extended hours, business and school closings, and daylight savings time announcement reminders provide timely additional information.

Fixed selected messages run the entire month.

We adjust the number of available phone lines seasonally to ensure no busy signals.

Your callers get busy signals during extreme weather when they most need your service.

Actual temperature trends and last night's low are provided at no expense.

No temperature trends or overnight lows are provided.

Your messages may be up to 10 seconds.

Your message is limited to 5 to 7 seconds.

Any number of messages can be conveniently recorded by you or by us at any time at no charge.

Four messages are recorded out of state each month. Changes cost extra.

Local community information may be added to include movie schedules, bank account information, park activities, community calendar, obituaries, etc.

Only time, temperature, and weather are available.

Your callers can select information about your products, services, or other special information.

There are no caller options.

We pay the phone bill and any service or rate increases.

You pay the phone bill and any service or rate increases.

Any service problem is our service problem. You call us.

If there is a service problem, you don't know whether to call the telephone company or the equipment company.

Our failover servers eliminate any significant down time.

Failed equipment is serviced by a local electrician who has to wait on shipped replacement parts. And, while he's waiting, people continue to call your switchboard.

You pay one monthly bill.

You pay a telephone bill and equipment bill every month.

If your call counts decrease, we reduce your bill at the end of the term.

Your bill never goes down.

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