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Did you know that, according to the Pew Research Center, for the beginning of 2013, only 2 out of 3 Americans had internet access; and this is heavily skewed toward college students and younger people, most of whom have no income and are in their lowest years for earning potential to buy goods and services.  This means that the only way for more than one-third of Americans in their highest years of earning potential to get weather and bank account information on demand is through telephone announcement/advertising services such as yours!  Sometimes we forget that the telephone fully remains part of our electronic "new media" and supplants print media, radio, and even cable and satellite for providing local weather information on demand, fully convenient to one's whims and needs.  Your services in many locales are actually the only way most people can access a true forecast and temperature rather than a computer-generated model based on data from a general region. Some people simply prefer to hear a personal voice from the convenience of their telephone. Banks regularly tell us their telephone banking calls outnumber their internet banking hits. Call counts in all locales continue to verify a huge number of people who rely on telephone announcement services. Telephone time/temp/weather remains the least expensive way to reach thousands of people with your message. Look at these media comparisons:

Time & Temp Services

Other Media

Many hundreds or thousands of callers reach for your ad every day.

People may notice your ad only on the days you run it.

Your ad always comes first before anything else.

Your ad never receives front page coverage.

People hear only your ad as an exclusive for your business.

People are drawn to dozens of other ads, including your competitors'.

People seek and appreciate a warm voice that speaks only to them.

Print and broadcast ads are very impersonal.

You can change your ads as often as you like on demand.

You must plan and prepare your ads well in advance.

People call for free information and hear your ad without distraction.

Many people select articles or watch programs without looking at ads.

You sponsor a genuine and appreciated public service.

Your ad is perceived as being only for your benefit.

You know exactly how many callers hear your ad.

You cannot know how many people actually saw or heard your ads.

You pay one fixed monthly fee.

Pricing and invoicing are a hassle.

Your reach more people at less cost because setup and delivery costs are low.

You reach fewer people at greater cost because delivery costs are high. (buildings, reporters, paper, presses, trucks, studios, towers, disc jockeys, etc.).

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