Save 33% or more on your service

That's right! Knock off 33% of the total costs of your current service and that's the most we will charge you for the same service (including additional features and no busy signals). If your call counts decline, your bill is automatically reduced on contract renewal. Give us a call. Additional discounts may apply.

How do we do it?

  • Our high volume national network of telephone lines cost less per line than your own local lines.
  • Our equipment costs are lower, with many services combined in our advanced servers handling hundreds of telephone lines.
  • To avoid busy signals, most services have several times the number of phone lines normally in use. These peak loads average out smoothly with our hundreds of lines. While avoiding busies, each of our lines handles more calls on average than yours.
  • The early morning peak calling hour moves one hour later from one time zone to the next, further averaging out our peak loads nationally. Result – phone line savings for us that we pass on to you.
  • You may be paying for a seldom-used telephone line for programming weather and announcements that is not necessary for our service.
  • Without the high overhead of typical corporations maintaining layers of management, legal, investor relations, and marketing divisions, sole owners Jean and Jerry Jordan can pass on considerable additional savings to you.
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