How to Switch

Switching is easy. Just follow the below steps:

  • Call our generic demo number similar to your current service. Note any changes you would like to make and any additional information you would like for us to provide. We will set up a special demo number for you.
  • For telephone banking, please call us to determine our guaranteed lowest price in the industry and installation arrangements. For time/temp weather announcements, simply gather your telephone bill, your equipment/maintenance bill, and one or two call count reports. Fax these to 1.866.861.6289 or scan to
  • Add your total current telephone and equipment/maintenance bills. Subtract 33%. This will be your new bill from us. (A set up charge applies equal to the first month of service plus $100. If you own your current equipment, a small equipment maintenance charge may apply, but we will still offer you savings.)
  • Call us at 1.800.944.2797 to set up your order. Our terms include no obligation unless and until you are completely satisfied with our service.
  • Send us your message changes whenever you desire. Banking customers receive suggested messages monthly to assist with your marketing.
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